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Ask Diane: Will the interview process work for cognitively impaired residents?

Q: The majority of residents at my facility are cognitively impaired. I’m not sure that the new resident interview process will really work for them. What do you think?

Diane: I spoke with two of the gold standard nurses who completed field testing for the MDS 3.0. The gold standard nurses initially had the same concern, but after conducting field testing, they were pleasantly surprised that they were wrong. A survey of all gold standard nurses determined that 85 % of all cognitively impaired residents can participate in the interview process.

One of the main prohibitions on the new resident interview process isn’t the dementia, it’s the person who may have had a stroke and lost the ability to produce speech. There can also be situations with severely demented residents. If you have a population of residents who are treated for severe dementia, your facility might have less ability to use the resident interview process. But in general, a large percentage of our cognitively impaired residents should be able to participate and express their needs.