Ask the Experts, MDS 3.0 Items

Ask Diane: Have look back periods changed under the MDS 3.0?

Q: I thought the look back period on the MDS 3.0 was going to be five days. Now, it looks like some sections have seven-day look backs. What’s going on?

Diane: The most recent MDS 3.0 item set draft, which was released by CMS in late October, specifies the look back period for all items is seven days, unless otherwise specified, so it appears CMS has extended the look back period from previous drafts.

According to CMS’ MDS 3.0 timeline, the final MDS 3.0 form should be released March 1, 2009. We may have to wait until then for final confirmation of the seven-day look back periods. You can find the timeline and the most recent MDS 3.0 Item Set draft on the Resources page.