MDS 3.0 Items

What’s new under the MDS 3.0

CMS released the draft MDS 3.0 data specifications in late October, giving providers an opportunity to view details of the new assessment system before it is implemented next year.

Many long-term care providers are wondering what has changed from previous MDS 3.0 drafts. Some key changes featured in the draft include:

  • Several sections and items, including pain and behavior, use a seven-day look back rather than the five-day look back that had been used in previous drafts.
  • A new MDS item labeling scheme will be used, which CMS officials say is more straightforward than the one used in the 2.0 and will allow items to be added more easily
  • The new form will be used for both nursing home and swing bed providers, who used a different version of the assessment under the MDS 2.0
  • The MDS 2.0 items for dehydration and internal bleeding have been restored to this draft

MDS items may be added, revised, or dropped before the final 3.0 is adopted, according to CMS officials.

To view the entire draft item set, visit our Resources page.