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Ask Diane: What if I need a new automation vendor for MDS 3.0?

Q: My automation vendor just contacted me and told me the company will not be going forward with producing new software for the MDS 3.0. What should I do?

Diane: The first thing you should do is make sure your entire administrative team knows your current software vendor will not be transitioning to the MDS 3.0 and that you will need to search for a new vendor.

Another thing you should do immediately is determine your budget for new software and other related items you might need, like new hardware.

Searching for a vendor is a complex process, but here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you get started:

  • Don’t restrict your search to only one or two vendors—look at a broad spectrum of vendors.
  • Evaluate whether vendors you are considering can keep up with frequent changes. We know there will be some glitches when we transition to a new system, so choose a vendor who can handle changes.
  • Check vendors’ references and make sure to visit facilities that use a certain vendor’s software to see how it actually works. Ask about how long the vendor takes to respond to client problems.

Also, evaluating whether a certain kind of software will work for your facility is a critical part of the vendor selection process. I’ll post more tips about what to look for in a software products in upcoming MDSCentral posts.