MDS 2.0, Regulations

CMS updates RAI User’s Manual

CMS recently updated the RAI User’s Manual. The agency made some important changes, including:

  • Updating language in the manual to reflect changes made in SNF PPS and consolidated billing final rule for fiscal year 2009. The rule clarified that if no assessment is completed before discharge from Medicare Part A, no payment will be made. (RAI User’s Manual, Chapter 2, p. 2-37)
  • Inserts the statement “the attending physician should determine the level of ‘significant laboratory findings’ and whether or not a culture should be obtained” in regards to urinary tract infections. (Chapter 3, p. 3-136)
  • Adds the clarification  in the event that IV medication additive(s) is not available, not to count as medication in section O1 and to code P1ac as a dash. (Chapter 3, p. 3-177)