Revised ABN for Part B services goes into effect March 1

SNFs must use the revised advanced beneficiary notice (ABN) form for items or services expected to be denied under Medicare Part B beginning March 1, 2009, according to CMS. The revised ABN (form CMS-R-131) will replace the ABN-G (form CMS-R-131G).

You can find the revised ABN form and corresponding instructions at CMS’ Beneficiary Notices Initiative Web page.

SNFs should only the use the revised ABN for services provided under Part B; for example, if therapy is being discontinued or reduced. SNFs will continue to provide the SNF ABN or denial letters for Medicare Part A services that are reduced or eliminated.

Still confused about beneficiary notices? PPS Alert for Long-Term Care subscribers can read an article explaining the beneficiary notification  process published in February 2009.