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Value-based purchasing demo coming to nursing homes soon

CMS is getting ready to launch a nursing home value-based purchasing demonstration in Arizona, Mississippi, New York, and Wisconsin, according to an e-mail CMS sent to providers Tuesday.

Under the demonstration, which is scheduled for implementation July 1, 2009, nursing homes will be eligible for performance payments if they perform at high levels or make significant improvements in:

  • nurse staffing
  • avoidable hospitalizations
  • MDS outcomes
  • survey deficiencies

According to CMS, the demonstration is part of an initiative to improve the efficiency and quality of care provided for Medicare beneficiaries in nursing homes. CMS is accepting applications from providers in the selected demonstration states through May 1, 2009. All applicants will be required to submit payroll and census data from the first quarter of 2009.

CMS is also holding a special Open Door Forum April 6 to explain the application process and the final design of the demonstration. Check MDSCentral for more information as CMS rolls out the value-based purchasing demo.