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CMS moves MDS 3.0 technical files

CMS moved the technical files related to the MDS 3.0 from the downloads section of the MDS 3.0 for Nursing Homes and Swing Bed Providers page of their Web site to a new page, titled MDS 3.0 Technical Information, January 11.

In addition to moving the technical information to a new page on their Web site, CMS added a document outlining the history of the releases of the technical files and a revision of the data submission specifications to the downloads section of the new page. The RUG-IV SAS package, RUG-III MDS 3.0 Mapping Specifications, and MDS 3.0 CATs Specifications included on the Web page have not been revised since they were posted in November 2009.

To access this information, visit the MDS 3.0 Technical Information page of the CMS Web site.