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How should I code Section K?

Q: If a resident received IV hydration for 1500 cc/day for only one day during the seven-day look back period, how should I code that in Section K of t he MDS?

A: Under item K0500, you would check item A for parenteral/IV fluids (provided the fluids were required for hydration or nutrition). Then, if you go to Item K0700 in the Long-Term Care Facility Resident Assessment Instrument User’s Manual, Version 3.0, there is a coding example very similar to your description. It is as follows:

Calculation for Average Daily Fluid Intake
Mrs. G. received 1 liter of IV fluids during the seven-day assessment period. She received no other intake via IV or tube feeding during the assessment period.

IV Fluid Intake
Sunday, 0 cc
Monday, 0 cc
Tuesday, 1,000 cc
Wednesday, 0 cc
Thursday, 0 cc
Friday 0 cc
Saturday 0 cc
Total 1,000 cc

Coding: K0700b would be coded 1, 500 cc/day or less.

Rationale: The total fluid intake by supplemental tube feedings = 1000 cc 1000 cc divided by seven days = 142.9 cc/day 142.9 cc is less than 500 cc, therefore code 1, 500 cc/day or less is correct.