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Thriving Mentality Begins With One Individual at a Time

Editor’s note: This article was written by guest blogger Anthony Cirillo, FACHE, ABC, a healthcare marketing and experience management expert and expert guide in assisted living for about.com. For more information about the author, please see our About page.

We seemed to hit a nerve with last month’s blog about optimism and understanding that individuals have brand identities. Dozens requested our brand attribute test.

Here is one reader’s comment:

“I have been hearing several leaders in our industry saying ‘If we are to survive’ or ‘In order for us to survive,’ statements that are negative in nature. I did not realize how much those statements were bringing me to a near point of despair. At any rate, I came across your blog on MDSCentral, Thriving – Not Surviving – in Today’s Healthcare Environment, and was inspired to push through the ‘this is what it is’ and get to the ‘what can I do to make this better for my facilities.’ ”

I absolutely love the sentiment “what can I do to make this better with what I have.” We need more of that thinking because it leads to innovation.

In my workshop, You the Brand, I talk about how people can position themselves to stand out from the crowd. Each of us has the ability for innovation. Of course that sometimes means being able to work in an environment that encourages it. And if you are in one that doesn’t, well that should tell you something too. But let’s look at some positioning strategies you can pursue that in turn lead to innovation.

Be the first
Just as Julia Child was the first celebrity chef and Michael Dell was the first to sell PCs direct over the internet, what can you be the first in? Again, ask yourself, what do people want that they don’t have now? What do they complain about that needs a solution? What needs are not being met in the industry, in your facility, in your community?

Be the leader
If I came into your company and asked who the expert was in a particular skill or area, for what skill would they point to you? List those areas and next to them, list how you can go from good to outstanding, thereby making you the leader.

Be the revolutionary!
I have built my consulting business by taking the exact opposite position of my colleagues when it comes to my philosophy on patient/resident experience and strategic marketing. That has helped me carve a niche among people who obviously agree with me. Now this can be dangerous territory so tread carefully. You have strong opinions on issues. How do yours differ from industry norms and how would you solve problems differently? List areas where you clash with the accepted but are passionate about your views and passionate in your belief that there is a better way.

There is no shortage of problems in the industry. Step up and solve them. Each of us has the power to innovate.