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Ask the expert: Hospice coding

Q: If someone is on Hospice and a hospice worker gives that person a bath, which they do in our building, we were instructed that we cannot take credit for it on the MDS—so would we code it not assessed? Doesn’t make much sense, being that it is not one of the late loss ADLs that factors into the RUG calculation, can you advise?

A: Current MDS 3.0 coding policy is very different from MDS 2.0 coding policy. As of 4/1/2012, the following definitional change occurred with regard to Code 8, ADL activity did not occur:

Code 8, ADL activity itself did not occur during entire period: if the activity did not occur or family and/or non-facility staff provided care 100% of the time for that activity over the entire 7-day period.

So if the hospice worker provides 100% of the bathing activity in the 7-day look back period, then the correct code would be CODE 8. If the facility staff provided some or any of the care during the look back period, then the care that the facility staff provided would be coded on the MDS 3.0