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Ask the expert: Late OBRA assessments

Q: I have recently started a MDS coordinator position. There are assessments that have not been completed from the beginning of September. Example: Quarterly due on 9/13/2013. The assessment has been opened but not completed. Today is the 27th. How do I even begin to do these assessments?

A: The assessment you mentioned, a Quarterly, is an OBRA assessment rather than a Medicare Assessment. So I’ll stick to the OBRA rules for this answer. Even though the Quarterly is due on 9/13/13, if it is not done, then you will need to set the ARD for staff using date of discovery or a day after that, knowing it is late. Once you set the ARD and complete the assessment, you can transmit to the ASAP system. A survey team could potentially cite a facility for a late assessment, especially if it is a pattern rather than a one-time event.