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Don’t miss out on our next Long Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp! April 14-17 in Columbus, OH

The Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp is an intensive four-day course that will enable your facility to improve survey outcomes, identify quality of care risk factors, and implement a process improvement plan. Visit our website to register. (

You will leave the Long-Term Care Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp knowing how to:

  • Identify deficiencies in your facility practices
  • Implement processes to reduce citation risk
  • Improve quality of care and quality of life
  • Discover how tracking and identifying systems quality failures through the use of data you already collect can help you  implement fail-safe measures for constant compliance

This Boot Camp will also teach you how QAPI process improvement projects can prepare your facility for a survey long before a surveyor walks through your door. Additionally, it will help you increase your census, making you a stronger candidate for a network partner and preferred skilled nursing facility.

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