Quality of care

Higher acuity residents drove the price for skilled nursing facility bed prices to record high in 2013

The average price paid for a skilled nursing facility bed reached a record $73,300 in 2013, according to a recently released annual report published by Irving Levin Associates.

The price-per-bed number increased 21% from 2012, the report states. The numbers reflect census changes to include more high-acuity patients paying through Medicare or a managed care program. The latter group brings in a higher price per bed than those on standard Medicaid.

Assisted living demand remained strong in 2013, but the presence of “small and older communities” in the market helped account for a slight decrease in average price per unit, to $150,600. Overall, it was a record year for merger and acquisition activity, with 225 deals, according to the report. Transaction volume is expected to be similar or even higher this year.

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