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Ask the expert: Anticipated returns

Q: We have a resident that was discharged to the acute hospital  and, due to payment issues, was formally discharged from our facility. We expect him to return within 30 days. Do we need to consider him as a return/anticipated and continue his schedule (even though he will have a new medical record) or can we just continue the OBRA schedule he was on prior to his discharge to acute care?

A:  I am not sure if “formal discharge” is referring to the MDS or not. If you discharged the patient back to the hospital as A0310F=10 Return not anticipated, then when (or if) the patient returns, you will treat him or her as if they were a new patient and start with an admission assessment. If, the other hand, you discharged the patient as A0310F=11 Return Anticipated, then when the patient returns (if it is within 30 days), you will continue on with the existing OBRA schedule.