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CMS proposes to test new Medicare Part B prescription drug models to improve quality of care

On March 8th, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a proposed rule to test new models to improve how Medicare Part B pays for prescription drugs and supports physicians and other clinicians in delivering higher quality care. Medicare Part B covers prescription drugs that are administered in a physician’s office or hospital outpatient department, such as cancer medications, injectables like antibiotics, or eye care treatments. The proposed Medicare Part B Model would test new ways to support physicians and other clinicians as they choose the drug that is right for their patients.

The proposed rule is designed to test different physician and patient incentives to do two things: drive the prescribing of the most effective drugs, and test new payment approaches to reward positive patient outcomes. Among the approaches to be tested are the elimination of certain incentives that work against the selection of high performing drugs, as well as the creation of positive incentives for the selection high performing drugs, including reducing or eliminating patient cost sharing to improve patients’ access and appropriate use of effective drugs.

The proposed rule seeks comments on testing six different alternative approaches for Part B drugs to improve outcomes and align incentives to improve quality of care and spend dollars wisely; these include:

  • Improving incentives for best clinical care
  • Discounting or eliminating patient cost-sharing
  • Feedback on prescribing patterns and online decision support tools
  • Indications-based pricing
  • Reference pricing
  • Risk-sharing agreements based on outcomes

The proposed rule will be open to a 60-day comment period. CMS is accepting comment on the proposed rule through May 9, 2016. The proposed rule is available for viewing here.