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How to assess your ICD-10 progress

By tracking and comparing key performance indicators, you can assess your progress, address your findings, and maintain your progress with ICD-10 coding. The first step that providers need to do is to establish a baseline for each key performance indicator. The next step in using key performance indicators (KPIs) is establishing a point of comparison for each KPI you would like to track. Your goal should be to compare KPIs from before and after the October 1, 2015, transition date.

If you’re a provider in a small practice, you might not have routinely used or tracked KPIs in the past. You may need to start by developing a new baseline with current data. Work with your billing and coding staff to see what data are already available in your systems, reports, and records. You can also check if pre-ICD-10 data is available from outside sources like:

  • Clearinghouses
  • Third-party billers
  • System vendors

For more information on ICD-10 implementation and tracking, click here to learn more about HCPro’s resource: ICD-10 Compliance: Process Improvement and Maintenance for Long-Term Care by Maureen McCarthy, BS, RN, RAC-MT and  Kristin Breese, BSN, BSed, RN, RAC-MT.