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Looking for top long-term care news from 2016?

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Peruse our 2016 index:

Best care practices and approaches

12 steps to reducing antibiotic resistance. Aug. [Link]

Antipsychotics on the decline, but further progress requires a shift in philosophy. May. [Link]

Eight ways to improve the transition process between hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. March. [Link]

Five ways to reduce readmissions and improve care transitions (and why you should start now). June. [Link]

Flu season is here: Are you prepared? Feb. [Link]

Improving care for dementia patients requires education and a shift in perspective. July. [Link]

Lack of nationwide surveillance system hampers UTI prevention efforts. Aug. [Link]

National advisory panel updates are more than a name change for pressure ulcers. June. [Link]

New CDC guidelines underscore the need for consistent definitions of elder abuse. April. [Link]

Nursing Home Action Plan focuses on improving quality, strengthening enforcement. July. [Link]

A proactive approach to pressure ulcers helps protect quality. Nov. [Link]

Responding to a worst case scenario: Assault against a resident. May. [Link]

Simple steps can lead to big reductions in antibiotic resistance among LTC populations. Jan. [Link]

Tips to help overcome LGBT health disparities. Oct. [Link]

Billing and reimbursement

ACOs and Bundling Q&A. Dec. [Link]

As improper payment rates double, auditors focus on therapy documentation. Feb. [Link]

CMS’ 2017 payment and policy changes focus on quality and value. June. [Link]

CMS proposes additional bundled payments: The postacute implications. Sept. [Link]

CMS’ updated 60-day overpayment provision may cause practical implementation challenges. April. [Link]

Dementia care added to Medicare Advantage Value-Based Insurance Design model. Oct. [Link]

OIG plans for 2016 highlights intensifying federal scrutiny of SNF therapy payments. Jan. [Link]

Potential bump in CMP rates puts providers on high alert. Jan. [Link]

SNF PPS final rule for 2017 brings increased rate but new challenges. Oct. [Link]

Ultra-high therapy: Where does your facility’s case mix fall? Dec. [Link]

A unified PPS for postacute care gets closer. Sept. [Link]

When three days is not three days. Aug. [Link]

With the release of therapy utilization data, SNFs must prioritize individualized care. May. [Link]

 Industry news and trends

AGS releases new guidelines surrounding person-centered care. March. [Link]

Alternative to alarms. Sept. [Link]

Antimicrobial stewardship standard deadline approaching. Sept. [Link]

Are hospitals considering the best setting for discharge? Sept. [Link]

Elder abuse incidents underscore new social media, privacy concerns. Feb. [Link]

Electronic health records: Are they the right move for your facility? Dec. [Link]

Hospice and nursing homes seek collaboration in a changing regulatory landscape. April. [Link]

Improve emergency management planning by conducting risk-based drills. March. [Link]

Looming changes to mandatory binding arbitration require training, planning. May. [Link]

New DOJ Elder Justice Task Forces target nursing home quality of care. June. [Link]

Occupational injuries down but not out in nursing homes. Jan. [Link]

Organizations turning up the volume to get action on hearing loss. Oct. [Link]

Residents, facilities, and involuntary discharges. Aug. [Link]

Start planning for DoL’s new overtime rules. July. [Link]

 Quality care and reporting regulations

10 last-minute tips for PBJ compliance. July. [Link]

Care plans: How they affect compliance and reimbursement across the entire facility. Dec. [Link]

CMS dementia survey tools offer an inside look at compliance. Feb. [Link]

CMS pilot project turns up the heat on infection prevention best practices. March. [Link]

CMS releases six new quality measures. May. [Link]

Concerns mount as PBJ deadline approaches. March. [Link]

New AAOS guidelines focus on postacute care for hip replacements. Feb. [Link]

OIG’s Work Plan update reveals sharper focus on SNF service delivery. Aug. [Link]

 RAI and MDS processes

CMS updates Conditions of Participation in final rule. Nov. [Link]

Excerpts from the final rule: What’s changing? Nov. [Link]

Improving communication and documentation critical to achieve organizational goals. Nov. [Link]

Manual medical reviews for therapy shift to a targeted approach, but questions remain. April. [Link]

Tips and tricks to writing a functional goal for Section GG. Oct. [Link]

The “who” and “how” of Section GG. July. [Link]