Five-star quality rating system

Recommended strategies for improving your five-star quality rating

Editorial Note: The following is an excerpt taken from HCPro’s newly published title, Five-Star Quality Rating System Technical Users’ Guide, authored by Reginald M. Hislop III, PhD, and Maureen McCarthy, RN, BS, RAC-MT, CQP. For purchasing details, visit our Marketplace.

To improve quality, facilities should use the 5-star report as one of the sources regarding benchmarking; they should also compare themselves to other facilities both locally and nationally. Best-practice strategies include an interdisciplinary approach, with all team members taking accountability for their documentation and striving for improvement through continued education. Recommended strategies also include:

  • Monitoring quality scores monthly through nursing home Quality Measure (QM) facility-level reports
  • Monitoring 5-star reports quarterly (or more often)
  • Continually reviewing 5-star reports for changes or declines in scores
  • Assessing each declining measure to determine the root cause of the decline, involving consultants or subject matter experts (SME) as needed
  • Determining the needed improvement
  • Correcting the deficient practice
  • Educating team members and establishing roles and responsibilities for follow-up
  • Use CMS manuals, webinars, or Open Door Forums to obtain the regulations and expectations for performance. Consult with SMEs as needed for more in-depth training requirements.
  • Reassessing corrections for additional adjustments