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Some information on new survey process shared, more guidance to be released soon

Several aspects of the new survey process being rolled out in Phase 2 of the revision to Requirements of Participation were discussed this week at the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services conference in Leesburg, VA. Evan Shulman, CMS Deputy Director in the Division of Nursing Homes, Survey and Certification Group, also promised that interpretive guidelines for Phase 2 regulations (which go into effect November 28) would be released soon.

Shulman revealed several tips regarding what providers can expect under the new computer-based survey process, with one update being that all F-tags will be changed, with new F-tags beginning at 540. Shulman noted that these new F-tags should not be assumed to correspond with the old tags.

Providers should also expect attention to be paid during surveys in the following areas:

  • Staff competency and training—which Shulman called a “top concern”
  • Documents related to census and new admissions
  • QAPI plans and facility assessments
  • Infection control: Two separate surveyors looking at pneumococcal and influenza vaccines, and antibiotic stewardship
  • Hospitalization rates

Shulman also told conference attendees that a MLN National Provider Call will be scheduled for July 25.