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Long-Term Care Quality Measures: A Guide to Data Analysis, Performance Improvement, and Public Reporting, coming soon!

Increasingly, we rely on data and data analysis to objectively view the quality of care delivered in our long-term care facilities. The data gathered and reported by the quality measures (QM) systems designed for long-term care are information-rich and provide guidance, direction, statistics, frequency, and monitoring of potential quality problems.

Armed with this information, facilities can make positive changes to policies, procedures, practices, and payment, improve communication between staff members and, most importantly, improve the quality of care that is provided to residents. Process change is difficult for any organization and frequently meets resistance from staff, residents and/or family members. Regardless, change improvement should be ongoing, monitored, measured, and planned.

Long-term care quality measures (QM) provide a snapshot of the care delivered in a facility. This information affects facilities’ star ratings and gives customers a key source of information that reveals how well a facility is caring for its residents’ physical and clinical needs. However, getting a comprehensive picture of how QMs function can be time-consuming due to CMS’ extensive QM manual.

Long-Term Care Quality Measures: A Guide to Data Analysis, Performance Improvement, and Public Reporting provides a thorough drilldown of each QM. It supplies detailed explanations of each measure’s description, including numerator, denominator, and the facility’s and surveyor’s perspectives. This resource provides strategies for using your QM data to achieve performance improvement, insight into how CMS uses your QM data, and tips on using public reporting to track your quality improvement efforts. As an added bonus, for on-the-go quality measures questions, you can download our quick reference tool which allows you to navigate each QM within seconds to understand how each measure will affect the facility’s five-star rating, survey compliance, or Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.

Available in January 2018, reserve your copy today!