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There’s a trick to spending less on medical equipment…

…and it won’t cost you in quality

The cost to rent medical equipment adds up, sometimes requiring a high daily fee. Becky Ziviski, CEO of Profit Without Census, knows—because she’s been there. As a licensed nursing home administrator and certified public accountant, she not only understands the nuances of being an effective leader in long-term care, but she also has a laundry list of evidence-based tips and tricks for helping facilities save tens of thousands of dollars.

Ziviski offers several approaches that you can start implementing immediately to avoid losing money on medical equipment, as well as other cost-saving strategies to help the entire interdisciplinary team save big. To learn her secrets, listen in to her 60-minute live webinar, Profit Without Census: How to Achieve Up to $63K in Cost Savings, on Wednesday, February 7, 1:00-2:00pm, ET as she provides effective budgeting strategies to help facilities achieve up to $63k in cost savings across the board.

Agenda highlights include:

  • Tips for how each department can address common financial downfalls (including how the dietary department can prevent hearing aids and dentures from going missing!)
  • Training strategies to help the business office overcome common collections challenges
  • Using staff meetings as a budget building tool
  • Reducing annual property taxes to save thousands of dollars every year
  • An approach to medication monitoring that helps you avoid losing money

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