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How will ADL scoring change under RCS-1?

RCS-1 was introduced in an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking [CMS-1686-ANPRM]. While providers are awaiting an implementation date, HCPro is dedicated to helping you understand the changes from RUG-IV and navigate the shift every step of the way!

An important change introduced by RCS-1 affects capturing of ADLs and a reduction in the number of assessments required.

“With RCS-1, a six-point scale will be used to assess residents’ functional abilities. The critical elements of capturing ADL scores will remain the same: timeliness and accuracy,” says Stefanie Corbett, DHA, post-acute regulatory specialist for HCPro.

While these essential components will not change, the data that was used to develop RCS-1 show in some cases that the minutes it takes to take care of a resident may decrease but ADL score may increase.

“The ADL may not reflect the number of minutes. CMS used some of the STRIVE information to make determinations on the number of minutes that it takes to care for a resident at different levels. The number of minutes are made up of clinical staff time including RNs, LPNs, and nursing assistants, so the number of minutes includes ADL info as well as nursing tasks,” said Maureen McCarthy, BS, RN, RAC-MT, QCP-MT, during her webinar presentation last month. (Miss the live show? Get the on-demand version by clicking here!)