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Florida Governor warns that SNFs and ALFs have “no excuse” if caught unprepared for Hurricane Michael

Last year, Hurricane Irma knocked out power to a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida. Without a functioning generator, 14 residents died. According to CBS News, Gov. Rick Scott is warning facilities to prepare in order to avoid a similar tragedy:

“If you’re responsible for a patient, you’re responsible for the patient. Take care of them,” Scott said. “That means you need to make sure that you have back up generation power or you shouldn’t be taking care of the patients.”

After Hurricane Irma’s devastating consequences, Gov. Scott signed legislation requiring all SNFs and ALFs to have back-up generators. But many Florida facilities received extensions due to a wait for generators that in the area that is anywhere from 16 and 24 weeks.

All SNFs must comply with the current emergency prep rules. Click here to for more information.