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CMS releases quarterly OASIS Q&As offering guidance on new GG items, among others

Source: Home Health Line

About two weeks after OASIS-D took effect, CMS has issued its quarterly Q&A update providing guidance on items new to the assessment, as well as items that were also present on OASIS-C2.

Of the 32 new Q&As, 26 deal with the items new to OASIS-D — GG0100 (Prior functioning), GG0110 (Prior device use), GG0130 (Self-care), GG0170 (Mobility), J1800 (Any falls since start of care (SOC)/ resumption of care (ROC)) and J1900 (Number of falls since SOC/ROC).

The mobility and self-care items have presented the biggest challenges for agencies as OASIS-D officially gets underway, Arlynn Hansell, owner of Therapy and More, LLC in Cincinnati, said during a Jan. 10 DecisionHealth webinar on the revised assessment.

She says OASIS reviewers at her company have seen a high number of response “88 — not attempted due to medical conditions or safety concerns” and “09 — not applicable” on GG0130 and GG0170, though reviewers can’t find any rhyme or reason for it.

CMS also provides Q&A guidance on items capturing information on height and weight, wounds, medication management and active diagnoses.

The January 2019 update alone contains more Q&As than were issued as part of quarterly updates in all of 2018.

Quarterly OASIS Q&A updates resumed in April 2018 following an 18-month period without official quarterly OASIS guidance updates.

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