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2018-2019 Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report released

The Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report 2018-2019 has been released. The lengthy report delves into salary by region, type of facility, and position at facility, among many other metrics. Interestingly, one finding is that overall, those who hold the position of assisted living administrator saw a slight dip in salary, of 0.07%, with an average of $89,913 annual salary in 2018.Director of Nurses saw an increase of 2.07%, averaging $81,477 in 2018.

Turnover rate of staff by department shows that CNAs averaged a 30% turnover rate, LPNs almost the same at almost 29%, RAs and PCAs suffering a 36% turnover rate, and dining services were highest at 37%.

The data in the report is based on 1,257 responses from assisted living/personal care facilities.

The report is published in cooperation with Leading Age by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service, and sponsored by NCAL.