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Hospices once again show improvement on HIS scores but not on CAHPS scores

Source: Home Health Line

While “Hospice and palliative care pain assessment” remains the most difficult individual measure for providers to earn high marks on when it comes to the Hospice Item Set (HIS), the hospice industry continues to improve significantly on it each quarter.

Hospices scored 87.8% on the measure, according to the Feb. 21 refresh of Hospice Compare. By comparison, hospices scored 85.5% on the measure in November 2018 and 79.7% on the measure in February 2018.

Hospices nationwide improved on all seven individual HIS care process measures in Hospice Compare’s latest update. In fact, they earned an average score of 93.9% or higher on six of the seven individual measures, according to the Feb. 21 refresh.

HIS data in the latest refresh of Hospice Compare were collected from April 1, 2017, through March 31, 2018.

Agencies improve on composite too

Meanwhile, hospices scored 84.2% on the “Hospice and palliative care composite process measure,” which shows if hospice staff completed all seven of the individual HIS care process measures.

By comparison, hospices scored 83.6% on the composite measure when it initially appeared on Hospice Compare as part of the website’s quarterly refresh in November 2018.

When people visit the Hospice Compare website and examine a hospice to see how it scored compared to other hospices and the nation, they see two sections: family experience of care and quality of care.

The family experience of care portion of the site lists eight Hospice CAHPS measures and their results.

The quality of care section now only lists the composite measure. Prior to November 2018 it had listed the seven individual HIS care process measures.

No change in Hospice CAHPS data

While data changed significantly on some HIS measures, for the second straight quarter there was no change nationally for any of the individual Hospice CAHPS measures.

The highest-scoring measure is treating patient with respect (91%), while the lowest-scoring measure is training family to care for patient (75%).

Hospice CAHPS data were collected from April 1, 2016, through March 31, 2018.

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