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Study highlights possible negative affect of immigrant policy on elder care

A recent study in Health Affairs found that policies that curtail immigration are likely to compromise the availability of care. Moreover, the anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies that restrict immigration threaten the health and well-being of immigrants who are entrusted with the care of the nation’s elderly and disabled people.

According to the study:

Nearly one in three (30.4 percent) immigrant health care workers were employed in long-term care settings, compared to 22.0 percent of US-born workers. Among unauthorized immigrant health care workers, 43.2 percent were employed in such settings. Compared to US-born health care workers, immigrant workers were more likely to be employed in home health agencies (13.1 percent versus 7.9 percent) and in the nonformal sector (6.8 percent versus 4.6 percent), with particularly high proportions of legal noncitizen immigrant health care workers reporting employment in home health agencies and the nonformal sector.

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