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CMS seeking feedback on potential future quality measures and assessment data

A significant portion of the 2020 PPS proposed rule deals with potential measures and associated assessment elements that could come to the home health industry in the future.

While CMS is not planning to finalize any of these measures or standardized patient assessment data elements (SPADES) as part of the rulemaking process this year, CMS does want industry feedback.

Several of the SPADEs discussed in the proposed rule were previously proposed for implementation in the 2018 PPS proposed rule, but CMS pulled back because of commenter concerns that these changes were too fast “in light of all of the other requirements we were also adopting under the IMPACT Act at that time,” according to the 2020 propose rule.

Below are two charts that outline future measures, measure concepts and SPADES under consideration for the Home Health Quality Reporting Program as outlined in the 2020 PPS proposed rule.

Quality measures and measure concepts
Potentially preventable hospitalizations
Functional improvement and maintenance outcomes
Opioid use and frequency
Exchange of electronic health information and interoperability

Source: 2020 PPS proposed rule


Standardized patient assessment data elements (SPADEs)
Cognitive complexity, such as executive function and memory
Bladder and bowel continence including appliance use and episodes of incontinence
Care preferences, advance care directives and goals of care
Caregiver status
Veteran status
Health disparities and risk factors, including education, sex and gender identity, and sexual orientation

Source: 2020 PPS proposed rule

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