Skilled Nursing Facility

Sabra Health Care pursues addiction and behavioral health treatment at SNFs

Sabra Health Care REIT, a health care real estate company based in Irvine, CA, has announced their intent to repurpose SNFs to include treatment of addiction and behavioral health. Sabra’s plans to convert some SNFS to substance abuse treatment centers and add wings to other functioning SNFs. In addition to repurposing existing SNFs, Sabra is purchasing drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, and plans to incorporate skilled nursing into their services.

According to Sabra’s Q2 Earnings Call, Sabra leadership doesn’t believe this will be a difficult task, but did state that it “will take some program adjustment and addition of staff specializing in addiction to facilities.”

There is expected to be some backlash from some communities over this decision, as RCA, a treatment provider Based in King of Prussia, PA, attempted to repurpose SNFs for addiction treatment back in 2018 and was met with community resistance. Neighborhoods that supported construction of SNFs were not as receptive to in-treatment for alcohol and drug addiction near their homes.