Private Duty

Automate your employee recognition program, improve turnover rates

Create an employee rewards program that uses your scheduling software to track points for behaviors including clocking in on time, taking over shifts as needed, calling office staff’s attention to client issues and unsolicited compliments from clients.

Several years ago, Heavenly Care Home Health in Austin, Texas, created such a system with an automated way to track it and managed to reduce turnover 11 percentage points in one year, says owner Alice Latino.

After struggling with a 96% turnover rate, the agency came back to the rewards system and started consistently engaging caregivers through the program.

Consistency is one of the biggest challenges with employee reward and recognition programs, says Stephen Tweed, CEO of Leading Home Care in Louisville, Ky. Many agencies that create such programs let them fall to the wayside amid the burden of daily operations.

The key, he says, is to create a system and make sure to follow it consistently. A lack of follow-through or an appearance of favoritism can quickly undermine a program.

Heavenly Care utilizes their scheduling software and a point system to automate the process. Those points are tracked directly in the scheduling software. Clocking in and out is automatically calculated and additional points are added manually by office staff as the occasion arises.

The points breakdown is printed out weekly and reviewed.

The agency even contracted with a web developer to integrate an employee portal into its website for easier reporting and tracking of points.

“We made it a part of our culture and we used the technology in our scheduling software to tag it,” Latino says.