2020 National Provider Enrollment Forum Speakers

We are seeking speakers to present at the 2020 National Provider Enrollment Forum, to be held April 19-22 in New Orleans at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. Click here to view and complete the speaker application.

Presenters must complete the application prior to the September 30 deadline.

Accepted speakers and co-speakers receive free admission to the 2020 National Provider Enrollment Forum!

This event allows provider enrollment specialists and professionals to engage in four intensive days of hands-on enrollment training that solves real world enrollment problems. Whether you work at a physician office, home health agency, hospital, rural health clinic or any other setting, this training event will help you master the enrollment process and ensure uninterrupted billing.

We are looking for presentations with practical strategies and regulatory-based guidance on topics such as:

  • Enrolling providers with commercial payers
  • Enrolling providers with government payers
  • Credentialing for managed care
  • Enrolling facilities
  • Medicare enrollment and revalidations
  • Delegated credentialing
  • Integrating medical staff services and provider enrollment
  • Network denials
  • Going paperless
  • Enrolling advanced practice professionals
  • Communicating with payers
  • Professional development


Note: If you don’t see your hot topic listed here, don’t worry! These are just suggestions.


We invite you to connect with and hear from trailblazers in the industry who will share lessons learned, programs that work, and best practices that will keep you innovating long after the event is over. We look forward to hearing your ideas on making the 2020 National Provider Enrollment Forum a richly rewarding experience for all attendees.


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