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Survey identifies PDGM and staffing as biggest challenges agencies face in 2020

A survey conducted by Axxess and home healthcare consulting firm BKD listed PDGM and staffing as the biggest challenges organizations will face in 2020.

About 43% of respondents chose adapting to regulatory changes (e.g. PDGM, RCD, etc.) as the biggest challenge, while 29% said staffing would be the biggest challenge.

This is consistent with HHL‘s 2020 Trends Survey. About 96% of agencies identified the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) as the regulatory requirement that will have the biggest impact on agency operations and financials in 2020, according to the 135 respondents to HHL’s 2020 Trends Survey.

Similarly, respondents to HHL‘s 2020 Trends Survey also identified staffing as a challenge in 2020.

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