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LTC facility COVID-19 deaths soar to 5,500

According to NBC News, the number of COVID-19-related deaths in LTC facilities is now 5,670. This data, based on 29 state health departments and includes nursing homes and assisted living facilities, shows that the deaths more than doubled since last week.

Almost 3,5o00 LTC facilities are  reporting COVID-19 cases, according to state data. It’s important to note, however, that these numbers are likely low as the federal government is not tracking LTC data, and some states, including Florida, refuse to disclose such information. Testing is also highly limited many areas.

CMS has made no announcements regarding any policy to require LTC facilities to report cases.

On April 11, AHCA updated their guidance to encourage facilities to report such data:

Today, AHCA/NCAL updated guidance to long term care providers about the need to notify their state survey agency about COVID positive residents and staff. We encourage this information be shared with CMS, CDC and FEMA. We believe this information can help identify long term care providers who are most in need of testing and PPE resources. Our guidance will recommend the following for all nursing homes and assisted living communities to:
  1. Report each COVID-19 positive test result for resident and staff cases to the state survey agency, in addition to current health department reporting requirements.
  2. Notify all residents, families and staff when the facility has its first confirmed COVID-19 case.