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CMS updates hospice quality review program

CMS has released its updates for the first quarter (January to March 2020) Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP). The update includes Hospice QRP requirements and information CMS gathered for the development of the Hospice Outcome & Patient Evaluation (HOPE) tool.

Additionally, CMS has been recruiting hospice providers to participate in a HOPE field test (called an Alpha Test) of the HOPE.

HIS quality measures were updated to reflect patient stays discharged in during the second quarter 2018 –to the first quarter2019. CAHPS® Hospice Survey data was updated to reflect the second quarter of 2017 through Q1 2019, according to the CMS Hospice Quality Reporting Program updates.

Related link: For more information on HQRP updates visit: https://go.cms.gov/36l8euc.