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Human Rights Campaign releases a road map to becoming LGBTQ-inclusive

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and SAGE recently launched the next phase of the Long-Term Care Equality Index (LEI), the self-assessment, which provides residential long-term care communities with the opportunity to evaluate how well they are including and welcoming LGBTQ older adults into their midst. After completing the self-assessment, long-term care facilities will be provided with resources, best practices, examples and a learning module from HRC and SAGE that will give them a road map to becoming more LGBTQ-inclusive.

The LEI is a tool that will encourage and help long-term care facilities to adopt policies and best practices that provide culturally competent and responsive care to LGBTQ older adults. As we know, LGBTQ-inclusive long-term care is critical: experts are predicting that as many as 4.7 million LGBTQ elders will be seeking care and services by 2030, and a recent AARP national survey of LGBTQ older adults found that more than 60% of those surveyed were concerned about how they would be treated in a long-term care setting.

For more information, please visit the Long-Term Care Equality Index site.