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Updates to reporting COVID-19 manifestations included in FY2021 coding guidelines

Coders can get a head start on getting to know the changes to coding rules for diagnosis coding as the FY2021 ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines on Coding and Reporting were issued July 8 – weeks ahead of the typical early August release date.

The coding guidelines, which take effect Oct. 1, include additional instructions on reporting manifestations of U07.1 (COVID-19), as well as new guidance on social determinants of health and acute kidney failure, among other changes.

Guidelines for the new U codes

Don’t expect to see guidelines for U07.0 (Vaping-related disorders) and U07.1 under Chapter 22: Codes for Special Purposes (U00-U85). Upon a search, the chapter lists the codes and refers you to the appropriate sections in Chapter 10: Diseases of the Respiratory System (J00-J99) for U07.0 and Chapter 1: Certain Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (A00-B99) for U07.1, for the guidelines.

For more details on the FY2021 guidelines, see the upcoming issue of Diagnosis Coding Pro.

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