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CMS issues guidance on value-based care strategies

CMS has issued guidance to state Medicaid directors designed to advance the adoption of value-based care strategies across their health care systems and align provider incentives across payers, according to a press release sent Sept 15.

Under value-based care, providers are reimbursed based on their ability to improve quality of care in a cost-effective manner or lower costs while maintaining standards of care, rather than the volume of care they provide, the press release states.

Value-based care arrangements:

  • May permit providers to address social determinants of health, as well as disparities across the health care system. 
  • Allows states to provide Medicaid beneficiaries with efficient, high quality care, while improving health outcomes. 
  • May help ensure that the nation’s health care system is better prepared and equipped to handle unexpected challenges, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

To view a fact sheet on the Value-Based Care Opportunities in Medicaid, visit https://go.cms.gov/3ksl6oo.