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New issue impacting third-party NOA submissions

Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) are alerting providers to a system error impacting the new Notice of Admission (NOA) when submitted through an Electronic Media Claim (EMC) software provider.

National Government Services, a MAC serving providers in 19 states, issued an “urgent” alert Jan. 5, 2022, noting the issue with ZIP codes submitted on EMC claims for all MACs. The error is causing the claims to be returned with reason code 32114.

The Fiscal Intermediary Standard System is working on a correction for this issue, according to the MAC alert.

“Providers are advised to add the required ZIP code to affected claims and to resubmit those claims for processing,” NGS wrote.

A fix isn’t expected until Feb. 2, 2022.

In its alert to providers, CGS Administrators, a MAC serving 15 states, noted agencies should:

  • Access the NOA in the Direct Data Entry (DDE) Claims Correction screen.
  • Enter the nine-digit ZIP code
  • F9/resubmit the claim.

“To avoid this edit, you may choose to submit the NOAs via DDE until a system fix can be implemented,” CGS recommended. “If an NOA is late due to this issue, indicate the following in the remarks field: Jan 2022 Issue RE 32114.”