Skilled Nursing Facility

CMS releases data on nursing home and hospital ownership

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released public data on mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and changes of ownership from 2016-2022 for hospitals and nursing homes enrolled in Medicare. The data includes the following:

  • Changes of ownership have been much more common in nursing homes than hospitals over the past six years.
  • There is also wide ownership variation by state. For instance, 19% of hospitals (14 out of 73) in South Carolina were sold during this period, while most states had fewer than 4% of hospitals change ownership.
  • A majority (62.3%) of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) that were purchased have a single organizational owner, 6.9% have multiple organizations owners, while 18.2% have only individual owners and 12.7% have both types of owners.

The data is published at: