National Nurses Week Spotlight – Meet IntelyCare’s Lynn Barry

Lynn Barry, MSN, RN is the Director of Clinical Quality and Compliance at IntelyCare. She is an innovative, results-oriented nursing leader who is committed to improving health outcomes and health equity.

Lynn is skilled in applying Lean methodologies for continuous process improvement in an effort to deliver coordinated, high-quality care. Her experience spans a wide range of health care settings from teaching hospitals to independent ambulatory practices, corporate partnerships and even participating in building a field hospital during a pandemic.

Lynn excels in developing collaborative cross-team relationships to reduce risk and meet quality and compliance goals.

What does Nursing Professionals Week mean to you?

Lynn: “I’m always in awe of how relevant Florence Nightingale’s teachings continue to be. Discontented by the way things were done, she went out to change the world. Reflecting on her quotes during this week always helps me to recenter and refocus myself on why I chose to become a nurse. Like Florence, I hope that nurses will always channel their discontent to disrupt the status quo. In addition, Nursing Professionals Week has always been a time to celebrate my colleagues and team members.”

What does education mean to you?

Lynn: “Nursing is a second career for me. I started my journey in education working with special needs children in Early Intervention. The path to nursing from there felt natural. Education is the center and the foundation of everything we do as nurses. We are lifelong learners. From years of formalized education, to the evidence-based way we practice, to teaching others, education is at the core of all we do.”

What do you think everyone should understand about what it means to be a nurse?

Lynn: “I’ve always been that person who could never take enough ethics courses in school. I love being associated with a profession that is considered to be the most honest and ethical one for the past 20 years running! Being a nurse means building trusting relationships and advocating to preserve dignity and promote equality. It is both a science and an art form that is boundless. Without it, our healthcare system would crumble.”

What do you think every nurse should understand about the importance of self-care?

Lynn: “Self-care replenishes our capacity to continue to provide compassionate care and empathy to others. Too often it is a skill that many nurses neglect. The value of self-care for nurses is underestimated. This is reflected in the high levels of burnout in our profession. It is something everyone talks about and acknowledges, but somehow it never makes it to that last step – doing it! We’ve got to get better at it.”