Structure of restorative nursing programs

Facilities structure restorative nursing programs in many ways. In some facilities, restorative programs are separate from routine nursing care, but in most, the two services are integrated in some manner.

Competency consistency

A consistent process for competency assessment is essential throughout the organization for all job classes, contract personnel, and, when indicated, affiliating schools.

Create a competency plan

Those of us working in healthcare started our careers wanting to improve human life, and it is frustrating at times when it seems that the bureaucracy of regulatory mandates keeps growing.

Regulating competence

Evidence-based practice involves supporting your actions with research and data, and basing competencies in evidence is becoming the standard in competency validation.

Medications and care planning

Given the heavy emphasis on medication use, when you are thinking about care planning you should consider the risk of the medication being used.

Restorative nursing and the DON

Many individuals can work with residents with restorative nursing care needs. The director of nursing (DON) is responsible for overseeing nursing service and its programs and evaluating their effectiveness.

Understanding MDS basics for non-skilled residents

Although administrators do not have to be experts on MDS, they must have a basic understanding and be conversant on MDS, so as to hire people who are qualified to carry out the MDS and who understand the importance of MDS coding.

CMS releases Chapter 6 of the RAI

CMS posted Chapter 6 of the RAI User’s Manual for the MDS 3.0 on the agency’s Web site Wednesday, January 6. CMS also changed the language on their Web site regarding the release of the remaining sections of the RAI User’s Manual.