Ask Diane: What should I ask my vendor?

Q: Our facility will need to update our software when we transition to the MDS 3.0. What questions should we ask our vendor now? Diane: It’s important to start a dialogue now with your automation vendor. You can work with your vendor to create a better product. Sit down with your team and make a […]

What’s new under the MDS 3.0

CMS released the draft MDS 3.0 data specifications in late October, giving providers an opportunity to view details of the new assessment system.

Ask Diane: Who should receive MDS 3.0 training?

Q: Who on my staff do I really need to train on the MDS 3.0 changes? Diane: Because of the trickle-down impact of the MDS data, most members of your staff will need some level of training. You’re going to need detailed training for MDS coordinators and other staff members who have direct MDS responsibility. […]