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CMS to make abuse and inappropriate antipsychotic use easily identifiable on NHC

In a blog post dated April 15, 2019, CMS announced plans for strengthened oversight of state surveyor agencies’ (SSA) performance during nursing home surveys to reduce variation across SSA guidance. This includes “updating Nursing Home Compare to make it easier for consumers to identify specific instances of non-compliance related to abuse or inappropriate antipsychotic medication […]

Changes to staffing rating thresholds in 5-star rating system update

CMS announced April 2019 updates to the Nursing Home Compare website and Five-Star Quality Rating System, including a change to staffing rating thresholds, with the staffing level required to receive a 5-star rating determined based on analyses of the relationship between staffing levels and measures of nursing home quality. The Technical User’s Guide states that, […]

[FREE LIVE WEBINAR] Shifting Gears Under PDPM: Changes and Considerations for Therapy

Join us for this 60-minute LIVE webinar on Wednesday, May 8, 2:00-3:00 PM EST, with regulatory expert Stefanie Corbett, DHA, and gain insight into the strategies and evaluation practices to implement in order to proactively prepare for a successful transition. Learn how to implement operational changes to achieve Medicare compliance, effectively manage therapy utilization and […]

Seven questions to ask to prepare for surveyor scrutiny following the facility assessment

The following post was excerpted from HCPro’s Competency-Based Care & Facility Assessment: A Compliance Guide for F726 and F838. Listed below are questions that should be used as a guide to conclude your facility assessment and prepare for surveyor scrutiny. These questions will be asked by surveyors to determine whether your facility meets the requirements […]

Department of Labor proposes changes to overtime rules

The Department of Labor has published three Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding the minimum salary requirement for an employee to qualify for overtime, which forms of payment can be included and excluded in the “time and one-half” calculation when determining workers’ overtime rates, and clarifications of and revisions to the responsibilities of employers and […]

CDC calls fungus emerging in SNFs a “global threat”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that Candida auris, an emerging fungus that causes severe illness in hospitalized patients and can remain on surfaces in healthcare environments, has been detected in several cities in the U.S. As of February 28, 2019, the highest number of cases reported are in Illinois, New York, […]

Download your SNF PEPPER report!

Fourth quarter FY 2018 Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Reports (PEPPERs) are available for download through the PEPPER Resources Portal. These reports summarize provider-specific data statistics for Medicare services that may be at risk for improper payments. Use your data to support internal auditing and monitoring activities. To obtain your SNF’s PEPPER, the Chief […]

Give us 4 minutes and we’ll give you a free webinar!

Please take four minutes to answer a few questions about your current work challenges and we’ll give you a free on-demand webinar. Thank you in advance for your participation, and don’t forget to enter your contact information at the end of the survey to receive your complimentary webinar! Survey open until Monday, 4/8. Click here to […]

10 questions for projecting revenue at admission under PDPM

What will your revenue and expenses look like for a Medicare Part A resident admitted under PDPM? The release of this exclusive Patient Driven Model Payment (PDPM) questionnaire will serve as an essential tool for you to estimate the revenue and expenses of a Medicare Part A resident admitted under this new case-mix classification model. […]

Simple does it for diabetes treatment, says new guideline

According to a new guideline released by the Endocrine Society, treating diabetes in older adults should consist of simplified medication regimens and less strict glycemic targets. Essential points listed on the society’s webpage include differences between younger individuals with diabetes versus older individuals with the disease, such as problems older individuals face such as sarcopenia, […]