Protect your SNF against lawsuits

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new wave of litigation risks, along with infection control and occupational safety-based surveys to providers. This webinar will review actual COVID-litigation cases against long-term care providers to learn about the claims and use them to and minimize your risk of litigation. This webinar will provide an overview of several state “immunity” laws and look at their limitations. We will also address focused infection control surveys as they are being utilized by CMS, and the path to challenge and defend those citations. This webinar will review claims raised and fines imposed against long-term care providers by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Join us on March 15th at 2PM to:

  • Learn risk management strategies on how to reduce the risk of litigation based on actual COVID cases filed against post-acute care providers.
  • Gain knowledge on CMS focused infection control surveys, remedies initiated by CMS as a result of these surveys, and how to appeal the deficiencies cited.
  • Be advised on a general overview of state immunity laws, what they protect, and what are their limitations.
  • Become aware of increased survey activity by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration targeted against post-acute care providers.

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