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The True Cost of Post-Acute Care Labor

When healthcare facilities use contingent workers, they’re making a smart financial decision. While contingent nursing staff can have higher hourly wages than full-time employees, gone are the additional expenses of recruitment, benefits, bonuses, and more which cause the true cost of full-time workers’ hourly wages to actually be 33% higher. Using contingent workers also enables […]

National Nurses Week Webinar

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ensue and the healthcare community prepares for the next infection wave, there’s always the lingering potential that other pathogens may emerge and result with widespread, inter-facility transmission and threaten the health of the patients, residents, and staff. Outbreaks continue to emerge despite regulatory agencies, governmental bodies, organizational leadership, healthcare […]

2022 Long-Term Care Compliance & Regulatory Roundup

The long-term care industry has made it through a couple of the most hectic years in memory, and 2022 is shaping up to be just as challenging. You need to stay abreast of the latest regulatory and compliance requirements so you can quickly respond to protect your patients, employees and your business, no matter what […]

New Concepts in Healthcare: Attracting & Retaining Your Staff

As COVID impacts for providers have transitioned from “major” to “minor” (rare, episodic, inconvenient), operations are trending toward pre-pandemic levels. Survey activity for example, is back on a normative course, not entirely infection control focused. Referral volumes are moving up and patients are returning to hospitals for care (medical and surgical). Post-acute transfers are starting […]

IntelyCare Scheduling

Tired of going back and forth via phone and email, then creating a new schedule in a spreadsheet, or worse, on paper? Organize and connect with your fulltime staff with IntelyCare Scheduling, a free scheduling platform that allows your staff to view their schedules, pick up shifts, and arrange for swaps with other staff members…all […]

Analysis of the Most Common Fraud and Abuse Claims in the Home-Based Care Industry

In this comprehensive joint webinar with Decision Health, Polsinelli Shareholders Jennifer Evans and Angelo Spinola will cover the most common fraud and abuse claims in the home-based care industry. With the significant rise in medical services provided in the home of the patient/client, there has been a surge of False Claims Act (FCA) enforcement actions […]

Ensuring Success Post-Pandemic: Keep Your Occupancy Up

COVID-19 has negatively impacted the census and marketing activities for nearly all skilled nursing facility providers and senior healthcare organizations. At the end of 2020, sector occupancy was at an all-time low. The pandemic saw alternative service delivery emerge, which has eroded occupancy fortunes. This session will delve into the changing psychology of the long-term […]

Skilled Nursing Week 2021

Skilled Nursing Week 2021 Post-Acute Advisor is happy to announce our offerings in honor of Skilled Nursing Week. To celebrate and honor our skilled nursing staff in the long-term care industry, we have useful and insightful tips and analysis free to you each day of the week! Join us to celebrate National Nurses Week and […]