The True Cost of Post-Acute Care Labor

When healthcare facilities use contingent workers, they’re making a smart financial decision. While contingent nursing staff can have higher hourly wages than full-time employees, gone are the additional expenses of recruitment, benefits, bonuses, and more which cause the true cost of full-time workers’ hourly wages to actually be 33% higher. Using contingent workers also enables […]

IntelyCare Scheduling

Tired of going back and forth via phone and email, then creating a new schedule in a spreadsheet, or worse, on paper? Organize and connect with your fulltime staff with IntelyCare Scheduling, a free scheduling platform that allows your staff to view their schedules, pick up shifts, and arrange for swaps with other staff members…all […]

Streamline COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Management

Streamline COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Management Protect your vaccine supply and keep care teams connected and informed for patient safety. We have compiled a Use Case Library of simple Vocera® hands-free communication technology configurations to help make communication safer and more efficient as it relates to Vaccine management. Download this guide to gain insight into […]

Human-Centered Leadership Mastery Model

Human-Centered Leadership Mastery Model To overcome the rising burnout epidemic and thrive in the continually changing technology, policy, science, and practice environment, healthcare leaders need a leadership model that fosters well-being and humanity. Vocera’s Experience Innovation Network and its members call this human-centered leadership. This is as simple and complicated as leading people with humanity […]

Improving Staff Communication and Response Time through Mobile Technology

Case Study: Improving Staff Communication and Response Time through Mobile Technology Learn about how Covia selected Vocera hands-free communication solutions to replace a fragmented system and thereby improved resident and staff safety throughout its multi-level senior living communities. Save steps and time by reaching individuals and groups instantly without needing to know names or numbers. […]

6 Tips to Prevent Home Care Agency Executive Burnout

Burnout is an issue for all industries, but especially with executives in home health. The daily oversight to ensure your facility is delivering quality care to its patients, promoting a positive staff experience, and maintaining a solid bottom line can consume the most seasoned individual.  Though the task may seem overwhelming at times, know that […]

Top 17 Reports for Home Care Agencies to Pull Now – For Big Gains Later

Having trouble making sense of your home care data? In home care, data mining and measurement can yield a deep array of reporting possibilities. Home care agencies of the future must have the capacity to unearth, filter and export reams of data into powerful reports that you can use to identify key trends, flag important […]

Whitepaper: The Road to Caregiver Satisfaction

To improve caregiver retention, you must first reach caregiver satisfaction. Reaching the peak of caregiver satisfaction goes beyond compensation and shorter workdays. From the moment you hire caregivers, their satisfaction requires continuous focus until the day they retire – and it all starts with recruitment. But when the right steps are taken, your organization can […]