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Walking longer and with relatives decreases sundown symptoms, study finds

Sundown syndrome, a symptom affecting as many as 20 percent of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, causes increased confusion, anxiety, and agitation beginning late in the day. Past studies have concluded that physical exercise might have a positive impact on sundown syndrome, but the correlation between walking and with […]

Ten devices for tracking the wandering resident

The popular saying goes, “Not all who wander are lost.” But sometimes those who wander are in fact just that, and with an individual who has dementia, being lost can prove a grave situation. The Alzheimer’s Association reports that 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander. This includes people in the early stages of […]

Approximately one million fewer Americans suffering from dementia

Between 2000 and 2012, dementia rates among U.S. seniors show a significant decline, dropping from 11.6% in 2000 to 8.8% in 2012, according to a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine on November 21, 2016. Researchers confirm that this decline is a continuation from the declining prevalence formerly studied between 1993 and 2000. A definitive […]

Health Care Leadership: Why its Hard, Why Many Fail and What it Takes to Succeed

This blog post was written by Reg Hislop III, and reprinted by permission. The bulk of my work centers around gathering data, analyzing trends and working with the leadership of various organizations to implement strategy or more centered, strategies. The process is iterative, interactive and always fascinating. Throughout my career, I’ve worked within (virtually) every […]

Improving quality of life through your activities program

Your activities program helps to ensure the residents you serve feel ownership over their “home.” Many assisted living communities pride themselves on maintaining a homelike environment, and a strong activities program can bring the sense of community needed to keep resident and family satisfaction high.An effective activities program aims to improve the quality of life […]

Is it Dementia, or is it a treatable condition?

Sudden changes in mood, memory, personality, or behavior are not typical of a cognitive disease progression and may instead indicate the presence of something treatable. All too often, however, when a person has dementia, the care team is quick to blame the disease progression for every other thing that goes wrong. If a resident hits […]

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness month. More than 5 million Americans develop Alzheimer’s, but the number of people affected—family, friends, caregivers—is even greater. November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and Family Caregivers Month; the perfect time to recognize those affected. Caregivers for Alzheimer’s and dementia face special challenges. During the month of November, the Alzheimer’s Association share […]

Alzheimer’s rate growing among women

A new study shows 5 million people suffer from the Alzheimer’s disease or some form of it, and a majority of those diagnosed are women. 1 out of 6 women have a form of the disease by the age of 65. According to the Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report, the disease is the sixth leading […]

New blood test can detect Alzheimer’s

A new blood test that predicts the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and mild dementia could lead to more effective management and even prevention of these conditions, according to research published in Nature Medicine. The study involved 525 participants who were over 70 years old. The participants gave blood samples throughout the trial period, and investigators […]

30% of dementia residents are undernourished, study finds

People with dementia commonly are undernourished, and long-term care providers should take steps to evaluate these residents’ eating habits to maximize nutrition, according to a new report from Alzheimer’s Disease International. Studies reviewed in this report indicate that 20-45% of those with dementia in the community experience clinically significant weight loss over one year, and […]