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CMS expands ambulance coverage for COVID-19 patients

CMS announced that Medicare will now cover any medically necessary ambulance ride for individuals with COVID-19 from any origin to any destination equipped to treat the patient’s condition. Acceptable destinations include, but are not limited to: Any location that is an alternative site determined to be part of a hospital, Critical Access Hospital (CAH), or […]

Medicare improperly covered ambulance rides from hospitals to SNFs

The OIG reports that Medicare improperly paid $1.9 million to ambulance providers for transport from hospitals to SNFs from 2014 to 2016. As a result of this former study, the OIG released an updated report on September 11 regarding hospital-to-SNF transfer billing practices. The OIG audited 99 ambulance providers from 2015 to 2017 and found […]

Ask the expert: Ambulance billing

Q: I work in ambulance billing.  I know that under Original Medicare, many non-emergent transports of bed confined and non-wheelchair patients is billable to the SNF.  Is the same true for Medicare Advantage plans? Also, is there some way to tell when to bill the SNF?   A:  Medicare Advantage plans are not subject to consolidated billing […]