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Appeals backlog slowly reduced, percentage of unfavorable rulings concerning

By Home Health Line. While the backlog of home health appeals at the Administrative Law Judge level is steadily being chipped away, data show a low reversal rate for appeals. In 2018, 54,875 home health appeals have been dismissed. That is compared to 958 dismissals in 2017 and 731 in 2016, according to an analysis […]

Home health: HHS to hold call about expanded settlement option

Brought to you by Home Health Line. HHS will hold an open door call this month to discuss its expanded Settlement Conference Facilitation program. The call will be held May 22. This program is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows certain providers a chance to settle their appeals. All Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B […]

CMS offers new settlement option for appeals pending at OMHA and DAB

On November 3, 2017, CMS announced that they will offer an additional settlement option for providers and suppliers (appellants) with appeals pending at the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA) and the Medicare Appeals Council (the Council) at the Departmental Appeals Board. The low volume appeals settlement option (LVA) will be limited to appellants […]